ati Limited Liability Company "ASIA TRADE IMPORT"

LLC "ASIA TRADE IMPORT" is a modern industrial, manufacturing enterprise for production and repair of rolling railway stock.

The high level of quality of products is confirmed by certification of the enterprise for the ISO 9001:2009 standard.

Company specialization is:

1) production of dumpcars with a loading capacity of 67 tons of model 32-6912 according to TS U 30.2-38280327-003:2015 "The wagon-dump (dumpcar) model 32-6912. Specifications", that is confirmed by the Certificate of conformity

2) production of dumpcars with a loading capacity of 105 tons of model 33-980 according to TS U 30.2-38280327-002:2015 "The wagon-dump (dumpcar) model 33-980. Specifications", that is confirmed by the Certificate of conformity, and also our enterprise carries out capital and recovery repair of these dumpcar according to TS U 30.2-38280327-001:2015 "The wagon-dump (dumpcar) model 33-980. Capital repair. Specifications".

LLC "ASIA TRADE IMPORT" has passed the examination on compliance to norms of labor protection and industrial production and has the Permission to performance of work with the increased danger by production of the rolling stock valid to 2/8/2021 years.

Production capacities of the enterprise make more than 1 250 m3 of specialized buildings which are equipped by all necessary metalworking, woodworking, welding and crane equipment? that are necessary for a full manufacturing cycle of production and repair of wagons.

A major factor of competitiveness of our company is a high quality of the manufacturinf of production, personnel potential, observance of the principles of social responsibility, professionalism, decency.

Experience, qualified engineering staff and personnel, only quality materials and reliable suppliers of a complete set, existence of own foundry equipment, shortest terms of making work and the streamlined workflow can guarantee high quality of production and capital repairs of dumpcars.

Quality of our production and the service focused on the client - the main components of our strategy. Our task - work for the benefit of customers, long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

ISO 9001:2008

Dumpcar 32-6912

TS 32-6912

Dumpcar 33-980

TS 33-980

TS repair 33-980